We Are Disciples of Christ

Who is Bible Research? We are followers of Jesus Christ, and consider Christ our King and the Son of the Almighty God, Jehovah. Here is some information about the ministry we preach, along with a summary about us and the information we pass on to others.

We are NOT a part of any organized religion, but are rather a small group of people who are searching out the truth that is found in God's word--the Holy Bible. We are trying to show others the things we have been allowed to learn. We come from varied backgrounds, and range in age from young to old. Many of us were formerly affiliated with one or another church/religious organization, but we were dissatisfied with the religions and felt we were never given answers to the things we questioned in the Bible. Others of us never cared for the churches at all and -- at first -- equated the Bible with just "some other religion." But each of us at some point developed a curiosity to find out what was written in the Bible. With continued research of the scriptures, it becomes very evident that what's taught by the various religions and Christendom denominations is a far cry from what's learned from God's true word.


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