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The Leavener

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Then Jesus told another story:

“The kingdom of heaven is like yeast
that a woman took and hid in a large tub of flour
until it made all the dough rise.”

Jesus used stories to tell all these things to the people;
He always used stories to teach them.
This is as the prophet said:
“I will speak using stories;
I will tell things that have been secret since the world was made.”
(Matthew 13:33-35 and Luke 13:21, with ref to Psalm 78:2)


Why did Jesus tell us this story? And what does it mean?

We’ve talked that it means the Kingdom will grow.

We know that the Kingdom of Heaven will include only righteous spiritual beings, including Jesus Christ and the 144,000 chosen saints.

Now it doesn’t, because evil is there too. But when God transforms the Kingdom of Heaven, it will be completely righteous.


Will the Kingdom of Heaven grow? If so, what does that mean?

If it is as we typically think about the meaning of growth, would the Kingdom of Heaven then include the Kingdom of God on earth? Or does growth of the Kingdom of Heaven mean something different?

And what does it mean that the woman “hid” the leaven in the flour? (#1470, #1606, #1743)

Questions Answers

Maybe we should let those question sit for now.

To examine Matthew 13:33-35, have you considered other definitions? Such as:

1. A substance, as yeast or baking powder, that causes fermentation and expansion of dough or batter.
2. Fermented dough reserved for producing fermentation in a new batch of dough.
3. An element that produces an altering or transforming influence. (

The first definition indicates fermentation and expansion, which we understand in the making of baked goods.

The second definition considers the creation of new batches or groups, which are derived from the original source.

The third definition seems more expansive, voluminous, and latitudinous. Consider that the Kingdom of God will experience an altering and transforming influence. As leaven, yeast, and baking powder transform the original ingredients in baked eats, The Kingdom of Heaven will be transformed. (Isaiah 65, Revelation 21, …)

Be Transformed

The Word of God describes the results of leaven as good or bad. For example:

- In the example above in Matthew 13, leaven appears to be a good agent.

- In Galatians 5:9, leaven is used as a caution. This chapter teaches us to walk by the Spirit, and to beware of the negative effects of leaven.

- We must beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees in Matthew 16:6.

We can only see the effects of leaven over time, because it takes time for it to grow. The Israelites were instructed to eat bread made without leaven when they exited Egypt, as in Exodus 12:39, because they were not to delay their departure. To be delayed by a leavening agent at that time was out of the question.

Yeast In Baking

Yes, it takes time.

One of the articles mentioned below says, “Any bread recipe needs a “leavener” to help the ingredients work together.”

In the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew 13:33-35, who or what is the Leavener?

Is it Almighty God Yahweh/Jehovah and His Son Yeshua/Jesus Christ instructing the 144,000 through the Spirit about everything they must know to be a perfectly-integrated, Divinely-coordinated, harmonized, and well-regulated government over the Earth?

Might more also be done on microscopic levels to make the Kingdom of Heaven grow?


The glory of the Kingdom of Heaven will come.

Be steadfast.

Growing In Christ

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