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Sunday, 17 February 2019

The Kingdom of God

Written by

Definitions from Strong's Concordance:
Government (#4951) empire
Kingdom (#932) realm

The Kingdom of God is known as a theocracy. It is rule by God with Jesus Christ as the King. "Thy kingdom come" is a powerful phrase used in Christian prayer, as Jesus Christ taught his followers in Matthew 6:9-10. The apostles wrote about God's Kingdom or government, as did the prophets of the Old Testament. Jesus, God's son, came to preach about it.

bible research kingdom of god

The Kingdom is what we look forward to as we learn God's will for His people's future, both in heaven and on earth. Some important points about Jehovah God's new kingdom are:

– Men and women will be chosen to rule with Christ in this kingdom or government. This is the main message of the New Testament. Christ's search for those who would be a part of His Kingdom.

– When Jehovah God, with the help of His Son Christ Jesus, establishes the new kingdom, all of the corrupt governments that exist in the world today will be replaced by God's government. God's new kingdom will rule over both the heavens and the earth for eternity, with complete perfection, peace, unity and righteousness.

2. What is the The Kingdom of God?

Luke 4:43
Jesus came to fulfill God's purpose of teaching us about his Kingdom.

Isaiah 9:6,7
The prophet Isaiah spoke of Jesus Christ, the King of God's government.

Daniel 2:44
God of heaven will set up a Kingdom that will last forever.

Matthew 6:33
Jesus Christ's commandment to us is to make God's Kingdom a priority. Study and learn and find out all you can about the Kingdom of God. Learn and prove what righteousness is and how to perform it so that you may be a help to Christ's purpose of setting up a new Kingdom..

Matthew 24:14
Good news (the gospel) of the Kingdom of God. And you can be a part of it.

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